Uproot is an electroacoustic music group that is based in Berlin consisting of Ganesh Anandan on shruti stick and microtonal metallophones, Marcello Lussana on live electronics and kriton b. on harmonium and objects. The trio works with the use of both the natural sounds of the acoustic instruments as well as with preparation of these instruments, the use of objects and extended techniques. The interplay of the two acoustic musicians is linked and fused with the use of live electronics, creating a sonic hall of mirrors where the beginning and the end of any sound merge and the sound source begins gradually to disappear. Faint harmonic shapes shine through dense clusters of sound, complex rhythms are subtly woven into organic soundscapes, elusive microtonal structures fade gently in and out, sounds fade to noise and back to sound again and create a world of surreal sonic phantom images.


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The group consists of:


Ganesh Anandan (* 1954) is an Indian percussionist active in musical fields ranging from traditional Carnatic to contemporary improvised music. He studied the kural (bamboo flute) and the mridangam (trad. percussion instrument) in his native city of Bangalore, India, before moving 1976 to Canada, where he studied piano and western percussion and began his prolific musical career. As an experimental luthier Ganesh started building Percussion Shruti Instruments in 1995 based on the Indian 22 interval octave. He built the electric 6 and 12 string shruti stick, which he usually prepares to obtain a wider sonic palette of tonal and percussive sounds and developed unique personal playing techniques including transposed Carnatic finger drumming style on these instruments.
Ganesh has worked with a variety of international artists and ensembles including: Ensemble Modern (for which he wrote a piece in 2005), Conny Bauer, Hans Reichel, Omar Sosa, Malcolm Goldstein, Glen Velez, Bob Brozman, Glen Moore, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Ramachandra Borcar, Ramesh Shotham, Karnataka College of Percussion, Debashish Bhattacharya, sculptor Pascal Dufaux and in the field of theater & dance: Nouveau Théâtre Expérimental, Robert Lepage, Margie Gillis and many others. He has recorded numerous CD’s and has been commissioned to compose music for various Film, Theatre and Contemporary Dance projects.


Homepage: www.fingerworks.org

Marcello Lussana (* 1979) is an Italian composer, musician and programmer who specializes in interactive systems. His work especially focusses on the relation of music and human movement. He holds several degrees from various European universities: a Master degree of Sound Studies at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), a Master of Technology and Communication Studies at the University of Turin and a diploma in foreign languages and literature at the University of Bergamo.
Marcello Lussana produces computer music for audiovisual performances, dance, and theater and established himself as an improviser in the Berlin ‘Echtzeitmusik’ scene as a live electronics musician. As a performer he uses Max/MSP, Pure Data and Supercollider Patches for interactive environments as well as Motion Composer Software that he developed himself. He is the musical director and project manager of the Motioncomposer project and co-founder of the netlabel Fantomton. Marcello Lussana lives and works in Berlin.


Homepage: www.motioncomposer.com


kriton b. (* 1968) is a Greek-German musician and composer, who - as a performer and improviser - mainly works with the harmonium. He studied musicology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. From 1990 - 2004 he played with a variety of local music groups in Greece, the better known of which probably being Sakis Papadimitriou’s troupe "omada epi topou" ("the offhand ensemble") and the post-rock group "Sigmatropic". In 2004 he moved to Berlin, where he got heavily involved in the improvised music scene of the city.
Since then he has worked with many musicians like: Kresten Osgood, Axel Dörner, Tristan Honsinger, Tomomi Adachi, Liz Allbee, Richard Scott, Els Vandeweyer and Harri Sjöström. Kriton Beyer is a member of the "Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra".
As a performer, he uses both the natural sound of his instrument and regular playing techniques as well as preparation, objects and extended techniques. As an improvising musician he has performed throughout Europe.
His compositions are usually characterized by conceptualism, while some of his more recent work focuses on pattern formation of sonic events in time continua. Kriton has also conceived and commissioned the music software CinePrompt®, which was specially developed for the use for live musical performance and live recording to films.


Homepage: www.kritonbeyer.com



Photos by: Stephan van den Bruck